About F1RE

At F1RE, we are dedicated to Model-Driven Software Engineering and Language Engineering. Our expertise spans the creation of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and the development of the necessary tools to support them, including Jetbrains MPS and Xtext. We are committed to addressing complex software challenges by offering personalized, tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and goals of your business, whether it’s a proof of concept (POC) or enhancing an existing project.

Our team, bright minds with a proven track record, brings experience across various industries. We excel in Model-Driven Software Engineering and are specialists in DSLs, ensuring that we provide solutions that are specifically designed to tackle complex software problems.

At F1RE, we have a streamlined approach to innovation. We have intentionally designed our organization to eliminate complicated structures, bureaucratic hurdles. This approach ensures that ideas and passion receive the oxygen they need to ignite the fire of change and innovation.

We invite you to work with us. Together, we can ignite the fire of innovation and drive forward to achieve greatness.

Let’s forge DSLs with F1RE and transform the way we approach software engineering challenges.

For more information www.f1re.nl and vacatures.