Celebrating Three Years of F1RE: Our Journey So Far

As F1RE turns three, I wanted to reflect on a journey filled with growth, challenges, and progress. Building a consultancy company specializing in Model-Driven Software Engineering and Language Engineering is a great story to tell. This blog post highlights the milestones and achievements we are proud of so far. Started in the midst of COVID. An idea and a vision wrapped in a PowerPoint. An empty calendar and a lot to figure out. Step by step the journey got underway. To the point where we are now. Grown from an idea to a company with a great culture, great projects and close collaboration between the members of the F1RE team.

So, what we’ve done in these years:

We deliver Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and Model-Driven Engineering Consultancy. We help our clients by contributing directly to their projects and by sharing our broad and growing experience. Our work includes using tools like Jetbrains MPS and Xtext. Implementing and developing software and contributing to LIONweb, an open-source protocol, to support web-based modeling tools.

Our projects that we were involved in:

  • Legal-Regulation Validation Model: Streamlined compliance processes for businesses to more easily meet legal standards. This project formalized legal requirements into precise models, ensuring accurate and efficient adherence to regulations.

  • Enhanced Platform Services: Provided a platform with more personalized services by encapsulating complex logic and workflows. This approach demonstrated the use of domain-specific knowledge to achieve faster market delivery.

  • Medical Trial Validation Acceleration: Made the Medical trial validation process faster and more reliable. The project excelled in representing intricate protocols in a comprehensible and executable format, thus boosting the efficiency and reliability of research.

  • Graphical Representation of Complex Logic: Simplified the understanding of complex logic through visual methods. This innovation improved the validation and comprehension of abstract concepts, enhancing engagement with complex logic.

  • Code Generation with Automatic Testing: Reduced development time significantly by automating code generation and testing across various platforms. This project showcased the benefits of rapid prototyping and ensured consistency across different platforms.

  • Model Transformation for Specification Validation: Transformed examples from specification documents into actionable specifications, then into various formats like UML and XML for further validation. This project turned high-level concepts into executable and verifiable artifacts, confirming that specifications accurately mirror intended functionality.

Our Milestones

We do more than great work: • Attending conferences across Europe, diving deep into technology.

  • Growing an incredible team, each member bringing unique skills and character, and building an ecosystem for new talents.

  • Having the greatest MPS gadgets out there

  • Meeting inspiring people within the industry and forming new connections.

  • Having enjoyable team events, where good food and great company were always on the menu.

Thank You

A big thank you is in place.

  • To our clients, for your trust and the opportunity to grow alongside you. Your projects have been the catalyst for our innovation and excellence.

  • To the F1REs, for your effort, passion, trust, and the joy you bring to our work. Your dedication is the essence of F1RE.

  • To our colleagues at the independent recruiters group, for providing the solid foundation and launchpad for our endeavors.

We’re excited for what’s next and committed to exploring new domains and continuing our services! Here’s to more years of F1RE! - Maarten