Consulting Expertise

Model-Driven Software Engineering

Leveraging our deep expertise in Model-Driven Software Engineering, we help clients streamline their software development processes. By focusing on the core aspects of software design and abstraction, we ensure that critical business functionalities are enhanced, leading to improved efficiency in the development process.

Language Engineering

Our services extend to Language Engineering, where we specialize in the development of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs). Using tools like Jetbrains MPS and Xtext, we create tailored languages that fit the specific needs of your projects, enabling proven precise and effective communication within your software systems.

Core/Context Model Application

Adopting Geoffrey Moore’s core/context model, we distinguish between activities that are critical to your business’s competitive advantage (core) and those that are not (context). Our consulting services focus on identifying and prioritizing core activities, ensuring that your resources are allocated to areas that directly contribute to your success. For context activities, we help streamline and optimize processes or explore outsourcing options, freeing up valuable resources to focus on core initiatives.